Narcotics Street Names

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Narcotics make up a rather extensive list of different drugs and with that comes an even wider list of potential narcotic street names. You may hear one person describe a narcotic as the prescription name itself such as Morphine or Oxycontin while the next describes the same exact drugs in a totally different lingo and manner. The terminology used on the street to describe narcotics will likely depend on factors such as the location, the type of narcotic being described (heroin, prescription painkiller, etc), the mixture of other drugs with it and the method of use.

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Below is a list of street names that are used for various types of narcotics:


  • The patch
  • Apache
  • China girl
  • Friend
  • Goodfellas
  • He-man
  • Jackpot
  • Poison
  • Tango and cash
  • TNT
  • Fen
  • Fenny

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  • H
  • The Big H
  • Tar
  • Black Tar
  • Black Pearl
  • Charley
  • China White
  • Dope
  • Horse
  • Hard stuff
  • Hero
  • Little Boy
  • Black Bi***
  • Smack
  • Stuff
  • Heroina

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  • Aunti
  • Big O
  • Black Whack
  • Black Tar
  • Chinese Tobacco
  • Chocolate
  • Dopium
  • Hocus
  • Joy plant
  • O
  • Ope
  • Pin yen
  • Zero

Common Prescription Narcotic Drugs Street Names


  • Dover’s Powder
  • Hilbilly Heroin
  • Horse
  • Junk
  • Lean
  • Purple Drank
  • MPTP
  • Mud
  • OC
  • Ox
  • OXY
  • OXYcotton
  • Sipin
  • Roxy
  • Rs
  • Os
  • Narco’s
Narcotics Street Names

Street names are used to disguise the sale and use of narcotics.

It’s difficult to describe every single street name because they change so often. There are so many different lingos and terminologies that are used on the streets to describe these drugs. Many believe that the changes in names is to disguise the drug use from others or to deceive others about what the real conversation is about. While this may work with some, law enforcement is hot on the trail for most of these street names of narcotics and the many other drugs that are widely available on the streets today.

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As parents, it’s important to stay up to day with the slang and lingo that is used to describe drugs. Teens these days can have entire conversations on the phone in front of their parents without them ever even realizing that their teen is actually describing drug use or activities. Staying up to date on the latest terminology that is being used including text language and lingo when it comes to drug use and activity is important for parents to remain a step ahead and to know if their teen is in danger.

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the Take-Away

Narcotics street names can be very unique and can easily fool the unknown. This is why it is important to know the names and understand how dangerous narcotics can be.