Inpatient Narcotics Addiction Treatment

Narcotic addiction affects the lives of millions of people, many of which never get treatment for their addiction. Inpatient narcotics addiction treatment is proven to be the most efficient and helpful way for a long term drug addict to conquer their addiction.

How Inpatient Programs Help

Inpatient narcotics addiction treatment programs will help an individual out by providing them with the beneficial resources needed to triumph a drug addiction. Reasons why inpatient treatment programs are effective include:

  • They provide a person with a team of professionals to help them control and get rid of their addiction including, doctors, psychiatrists, dieticians, and around the clock staff
  • They have people available 24/7 to provide a comfortable and secure environment as well as help to patients that need it
  • They provide patients with one on one and group counseling sessions to help them deal with their hardships when overcoming their addictions
  • They provide doctors to monitor patient’s health and safety during their detox
  • They provide a patient with the knowledge and education about resources to utilize once they leave the program so that they can stay clear of drugs and avoid having a relapse

Different Types of Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient Narcotics Addiction Treatment

Doctors monitor the patient’s health and safety during detox.

When a person decided to go to an inpatient treatment program they will want to find one that best meets their likes and needs. There is an array of inpatient treatment programs available and a person should make sure to research and visit inpatient centers before they make their decision on the best one for them.

The first decision a person should make when deciding on a treatment program is if they want to go to a short term or long term inpatient treatment center. A short term narcotics inpatient addiction treatment program will have the individual living on the premises and allow them time for a healthy detox and time to regain their strength to enter back into society. A short term program typically only last for a couple months and is best for people who do not have a strong dependency on a drug or who have only been addicted for a short period of time. More intense users of a drug or addicts of many years should consider a long term addiction treatment program.

Long term addiction treatment consists of an individual residing at the facility for a much longer period of time than a short term program. Typically long term treatment programs last for a year or longer depending on the needs of the patient. Long term treatment programs are very effective because they give the patient the time and stability to become used to living without drugs.

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Coming clean from a drug addiction takes time and is not accomplished easily. Even though a person may completely detox from a drug in a week’s time the strength it takes to stay away from drugs and the psychological hold that drugs have on people can be extremely challenging. According to, because addiction is typically a chronic disease, people cannot simply stop using drugs for a few days and be cured. Most patients require long-term or repeated episodes of care to achieve the ultimate goal of sustained abstinence and recovery of their lives

Once a person decides if they need short term or long term inpatient narcotics addiction treatment they can then decide on other factors they wish to have in a treatment facility, such as religion, environment, peers their own age, and cost.

the Take-Away

Inpatient narcotics addiction treatment offers a structured program, housing, and around the clock care. This level of treatment ensures a safe detox and provides resources for continued abstinence.