Opioids List

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Opioid is the name for the drugs that are both naturally made from the opium that comes from the poppy plant and synthetically made from opium, such as prescribed pain killers in oral tablets.

According to Memphis University, many opioids are prescribed for their analgesic or pain-relieving properties because opioids block the transmission of pain messages to the brain resulting in a person to feel little to no pain. Below is an opioids list of commonly used opioids.

Opioids List

Codeine: An analgesic drug that comes from morphine, used in many cough syrups and mild pain relievers and not as powerful as morphine.

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Morphine: Considered a narcotic drug that is analgesic and powerful; morphine is used in many hospitals and is the main source in powerful pain killers.

Oxycodone: Pain reliever that comes in an oral tablet that is used to treat moderate to severe pain all day long. Oxycodone is also known as Oxycontin and Roxicodone.

opioids list

Most of the medicines prescribed for pain relief are opioids.

Hydrocodone: Pain reliever that derives from codeine and is taken orally to help people feel less pain.

Tramadol: An opioid analgesic usually used to treat moderate pain and has similar effects of morphine.

Methadone: Similar to morphine used to treat moderate to severe main. Methadone is also used to help people detox from morphine or heroin.

Hydromorphone: Commonly used in a hospital setting inserted via IV. Hydromorphone is a derivative of morphine and is typically used to treat chronic pain.

Tapentadol: Prescription pill that treats moderate to severe pain.

Anileridine: Helps with moderate to severe pain and can be injected or taken orally.

Levorphanol: Very powerful opioid similar to morphine that is used to treat severe pain. Levorphanol is rarely ever prescribed.

Buprenorphine: Strong opioid that is used to treat chronic pain and is also used to help with opioid addiction.

Heroin: Rapidly acting and highly addictive opioid that is morphine derived and manmade.

Fentanyl: Has heroin like effects that is used to treat severe pain when other medications do not work. Fentanyl is highly addictive.

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All opioids are highly addictive and all of them contain sedative properties that block pain sensors in a person’s body. The opioids list is constantly expanding in the medical community as new drugs are constantly being produced as the years continue. Opioids should only be taken as prescribed by a doctor because of the addictive natures of the drugs and the high dependency that comes with them.

People who abuse opioids have a high risk of health problems and can overdose on the drug causing a fatality to occur or causing a coma state to occur. Opioid abuse causes many people to form dependencies on the drug which results in loss of finances and loss of relationships. Illegal use of opioids has continued to increase throughout the years but the benefits of the drugs in the medical field is very important so the drugs will continue to be prescribed and used to help people with pain.

the Take-Away

Opioids are a group of drugs that are synthetically derived from the poppy plant. Most opioids are prescription painkillers that should not be taken wrongly.