20 Ways to Tell when You Need Treatment for a Narcotic Addiction

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are many types of treatment for drug addiction and each type of treatment is a bit different. Unfortunately you have to decide when seek treatment before you can take advantage of any of them.

1. You Find Yourself Needing More and More of the Narcotic to Keep from Going into Withdrawal

If you find yourself developing a tolerance, you probably need to seek treatment. Tolerance is one of the key indicators of addiction.

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2. Your Life Becomes About the Drug

If all you do is seek out the drug, do the drug, and then come down off the drug, it is time you get help. One of the hallmarks of addiction is that the drug begins to interfere with your everyday life.

3. You Find that All of the People in Your Life Use or Deal Narcotics

You Need Treatment

Losing your job or your family due to drug use is a sign of a need for treatment.

All of the friends you had before you started to use are gone and the only people in your life are the people who help you use. You find that you cannot have a normal relationship with people who do not use or deal drugs.

4. Your Appearance Starts to Show your Drug Use

Drugs deplete vital nutrients in the body. This depletion begins to show in your hair, nails, skin, and overall appearance. It also starts to show through drastic weight loss or gain.

5. You Start to Experience Withdrawal when you Do Not have the Drugs

Withdrawal is a sign of addiction. If you cannot stop taking the drug without feeling negative consequences, chances are you need treatment to help you stop using.

6. Your Health Starts to Decline Because of the Drugs

Drugs hurt your physical health. When you use drugs you might experience a significant decline in your overall health. This is a sign that the drugs are doing damage to your body.

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7. You Stop Caring About your Job

Chronic drug users have issues with maintaining employment. If you have lost your job or are experiencing employment difficulties due to the drugs, treatment might be your answer.

8. You Stop Caring About your Family

When you are on drugs you stop caring about anything but the drugs. You begin to destroy your family relationships by:

  • not showing up for family events
  • arguing with your family over your drug use
  • becoming violent or abusive
  • not being present for your family

9. You stop Caring About your Life in General

Most people who are addicts stop wanting to go out and live their lives. They start to stagnate. It robs them of their will to doing anything without the drugs.

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10. You Get Arrested for your Drug Use

Arrest is a really good indicator that you are addicted to a narcotic and need help. You can be arrested for possession, trafficking, and possession with intent to sell. Each of these things carries a hefty prison term in many areas.

11. People Start to Question Your Drug Use

If others ask you to get help, it is probably a good idea to follow their advice. Most casual drug use goes unnoticed but as addiction takes hold, the people around you notice personality and behavioral changes.

12. You Lose your Job Because of your Drug Use

Your employer will only tolerate you being late or absent for so long. Losing your job because of your drug use is a very clear indication that it is time for you to seek treatment.

13. You Miss Events because you are High on Narcotics

When you are an addict, you start to miss important events because you are high. Missing these events alienates your friends and family which in turn begins to cause social isolation. The social isolation causes you to increase your drug use.

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14. You Become Afraid you are Going to Overdose

If you are afraid you are going to overdose, you should seek treatment immediately. This means you are aware on some level that you are taking too much of the drug. Fearing overdose also means that your tolerance to the drug is getting to dangerous levels.

15. You Feel Out of Control or Like you Cannot Control the Addiction Anymore

Feeling out of control or that the addiction is in control of you is a normal part of drug addiction. This out of control feeling almost always produces anxiety, depression, and other mental health symptoms.

16. You’ve Lied to Get Drugs

If you find yourself lying to get narcotics or other drugs, you are in need of treatment. Lying is one of the characteristics of addiction. You will lie to explain your drug use, lie to get drugs, and lie to protect your habit.

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17. You’ve Stolen to Get Money for Drugs

You start to steal and do other things you would not ordinarily do to get drugs when you pass from simply using to full on addiction. This behavior will continue until you find a way to seek treatment for your addiction.

18. All of Your Money Goes to Buy Drugs

Once you are addicted everything that you have goes into buying the drugs, even the money for rent or bills. You start to justify spending the money on drugs to yourself and others. Soon you wind up losing your home, job, and family because everything that you have goes into purchasing drugs.

19. You Lose your Home and Family because you are on Drugs

Many people find themselves lost and homeless because of the narcotics. The drug addiction slowly takes everything away from them until there is nothing left. Although it is extreme, it is not unusual for a long term drug user in need of treatment to be homeless and alone.

20. You Start to Wonder if You Need to Find a Treatment Center

If you are wondering whether or not you need a treatment center chances are you should call (800) 407-7195(Who Answers?) .

the Take-Away

There are many signs that indicate the need for narcotic addiction treatment. Major life consequences such as job or family loss are just two examples.