10 Classic Characteristics of Narcotics Addiction

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Although it might not feel like it, most narcotics addictions display the same characteristics. Most addictions do. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a drug addict experiences mental, physical, and spiritual issues due to the drug and display specific characteristics over the course of their addiction. There are many similarities between different addictions but narcotics addicts usually display these ten classic drug dependence characteristics.

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1. The Addiction is Progressive

Characteristics of Narcotics Addiction

Drug addicts tend to socially isolate themselves.

The addiction is progressive in that it gets worse over time, if the addict continues to use the narcotic. This is the same with all addictions. They all gradually get worse. Sometimes this happens very quickly while other times the progression takes a while.

2. The Addiction is Chronic

Addiction cannot be cured so it is considered a chronic disease. Narcotics addiction can be controlled but it will never completely go away. It is something that will need to be dealt with even after treatment.

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47,300* People Addicted
23,100* Getting Help
8,209* Deaths
*Statistic from 2015

3. People with a Narcotics Addiction Relapse

Narcotics and drug addiction have about the same relapse rate as heart disease, asthma, and other chronic disorders. This means that relapse will always be possible if the user stops medications or treatment or refuses to return to treatment when they need it.

4. People who have a Problem with Narcotics Deny that they Do

Denial is a key characteristic of almost all addictions. When confronted with the addiction, it is almost an automatic response to deny that you are an addict. Some scientist speculate that this is because of the stigma attached to addiction.

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5. People who are Addicted to Narcotics Lie

All addicts lie. Most of the lies they tell are to preserve the addiction and so they can keep using but some may lie to obtain drugs or money for drugs.

6. They Experience Changes in Behavior

Behavioral changes are classic characteristics of a drug addiction. The narcotics change your personality usually not for the better. The first thing most doctors look for when evaluating someone for addiction is a change in habit or behavior.

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7. They Continue to Use Narcotics Despite the Issues that it Causes

Another classic sign of an addiction is that they continue to use the narcotics despite the problems it causes. Addiction is detrimental to your health, job, and your family. Addicts will still use the drugs even after the drugs begin to damage their lives.

8. They are Often Manipulative

Drug addicts become manipulative particularly when they need money or drugs. They will say almost anything to protect their addiction and to keep from going into withdrawal.

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9. When the Addiction is Bad or they go into Withdrawal they will do Almost Anything to get Drugs

Although with behavioral changes, narcotics addicts will lose their inhibitions when it comes to getting drugs. A narcotics address will engage in high risk behaviors such as unprotected sex or theft in order to get drugs or to keep from going into withdrawal.

10. They Usually Experience Social Isolation

Most drug addicts eventually socially isolate themselves. They only associate with drug dealers or other drug users and usually only to get or do the drugs. This social isolation leads to furthering the addiction.

For more information on the characteristics of narcotics addiction or to find a treatment center near you call (800) 407-7195(Who Answers?) . The time to seek treatment is now if you are experiencing one or more of these characteristics.

the Take-Away

It’s important to recognize the classic characteristics of narcotics addiction such as behavioral changes and denial so that you can determine if someone you love needs help.