Can Joining Narcotics Anonymous Help Me?

12-step programs like Narcotics Anonymous can be very beneficial to certain individuals. You can also attend one of these programs during and after professional rehab. Call 800-934-1582(Who Answers?) to find rehab centers that will help you and provide the treatment options you require.

What is Narcotics Anonymous?

NA meetings provide a safe and welcoming environment for those in recovery to share their experiences.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, Narcotics Anonymous promotes “recovery from drug addiction through a 12-step program including regular attendance at group meetings.” The well-known Alcoholics Anonymous and its 12 steps were tweaked to fit those who have been abusing dangerous drugs and require peer support for recovery in a safe and welcoming environment.

While the title of the group suggests they only focus on those addicted to opioid-based drugs, the group is open to anyone struggling with the abuse of mind-altering substances, including alcohol.

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Is It an Approved Treatment Program for Narcotic Addiction?

The program is of particular benefit to many addicts, but it is not a professional treatment option for narcotic abusers. However, many treatment programs do utilize it as a part of rehab and as an aftercare option. As stated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “These groups offer an added layer of community-level social support to help people in recovery with abstinence and other healthy lifestyle goals.”

In most cases, those who begin a 12-step program like NA during rehab focus on the first 6 steps during their early treatment and take on the other 6 afterward. There are many rehab programs that help facilitate a patient’s ability to join this group, and many counselors who actually spend time working with patients on their preconceived notions about support groups in order to help them join one.

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Is NA Right for Me?

Depending on your needs, the program could be incredibly beneficial to you. The 12 steps outline a path to recovery that involves discussing your needs and experiences with other addicts and going on your own journey of self-discovery and betterment.

While NA is not right for everyone, it could not hurt to attend a meeting and find out for yourself if the program makes you feel comfortable and supported in order to possibly add another layer of assistance to your treatment and recovery. There are other recovery support groups available if NA is not the right fit for you.

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47,300* People Addicted
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Many people who join programs like NA do so because they lack the type of social support they require to get through recovery, or they have support at home but they are helped and comforted by the peer discussion that occurs between multiple recovering addicts.

The program is free to attend as many times as you like, and meetings can be found almost anywhere. NA could very potentially be for you, but the best way to find out for certain is to attend a meeting.

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the Take-Away

Although NA isn’t for everyone, many recovering addicts find the supportive environment beneficial to their recoveries.