Treatments for a Narcotics Addiction

Narcotics addiction is one of the most prevalent addictions in today’s society. Between illegal narcotics and those prescribed by doctors, this addiction has become an epidemic in the United States.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are two major categories of treatments for narcotics addiction. There are pharmacotherapies and behavioral therapies. Each of these therapies are designed to work both together and independently depending on the individual and the situation.

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Treatments for a Narcotics Addiction

A combination of medication and behavioral therapy is considered most effective for addiction treatment.

Pharmacotherapies are therapies using drugs to either maintain pain control while treating the addiction or by treating the symptoms of withdrawal using medications. The majority of the people who use narcotics fall into the former category. The most common ways to treat narcotics addictions are using:


Methadone is a opioids agonist that blocks the opioids receptors in the brain. When it blocks them it keeps the person from feeling the euphoric affects of the opiates, while maintaining pain control. People who use methadone need to take it daily in order to keep from going into withdrawal. Methadone is only dispensed by certified doctors in licensed clinics. Although methadone is safe when taken as directed, it can be dangerous if you drink or do other drugs while taking it.

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47,300* People Addicted
23,100* Getting Help
8,209* Deaths
*Statistic from 2015


Suboxone in similar to methadone in that it blocks the action of the opiates on the brain. It is not as dangerous as methadone when it comes to taking other drugs with it. Suboxone is used for the same purposes as methadone but is not known to control pain as well as methadone treatments do.

If you are addicted to narcotics and want medication to treat withdrawal or withdrawal and chronic pain, we can help. Call 800-934-1582(Who Answers?) , we can assist you in finding the treatment center you need to get off narcotics once and for all.

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Behavioral Therapies

Behavioral therapies are forms of behavioral modifications and what people traditionally think of as therapy. There are quite a few behavioral therapies known to help people with a narcotics addiction. A few of these therapies are:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – uses learning techniques and thought process training to discover the cause of the addiction and modify it.
  • Family Behavioral Therapy – uses family counseling and stress management techniques to modify addictive behavior and reduce stress.
  • Motivational Therapy – this is intensive therapy that motivates a person to change on their own after the first few sessions.
  • Community Reinforcement Therapy – this therapy is close to social recovery theory, the addict is motivated by improving their situation so the desire and original cause of the drug use is no longer present.
  • Contingency Management Therapy – this type of therapy offers rewards for change, sometimes the rewards are tangible such as vouchers for goods and services and other times they are intangible.
  • 12 Step Therapy – 12 step therapy is a somewhat controversial therapy that involves addicts helping other addicts change their behaviors.

How to Find Treatment for Narcotics Addiction

You can find a treatment center for narcotics addiction simply by calling 800-934-1582(Who Answers?) . We can help you find the treatment that you need before the addiction gets out of control.

the Take-Away

Treating a narcotics addiction often involves a combination of medication and behavioral therapy in order to provide the most comprehensive care possible.