Signs You Need Demerol Addiction Treatment

Demerol is a very powerful opioid medication that is useful in treating acute and chronic pain. Unfortunately, like all opioid medications, it is easy to abuse and highly addictive. Some addicts do not know that they are in need of addiction treatment. If you are taking Demerol, there are some definite signs that you need Demerol addiction treatment.

You Find Yourself Thinking Obsessively About Demerol

You are in need of addiction treatment if you obsess or worry about:

  • When your next dose is
  • When your prescription will run out
  • Where you will get your next prescription
  • How you will get more, if your doctor stops prescribing it
  • You consider buying it off the black market or from a street dealer

All of these are behavioral signs of addiction. They will gradually begin to cause anxiety and depression as the addiction grows.

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Your Friends and Family have Mentioned Your Demerol Use

When your Demerol use starts to hinder your relationships with your friends and family, they will mention it. This means that the Demerol use is causing problems in your life. If a drug or other substance is causing these types of problems, you have one of the classic signs you need some form of addiction treatment. To find a treatment center that can help, call 844-431-5818(Who Answers?) .

You Chew, Break, Mix, Snort, or Inject Your Demerol

Demerol Addiction Treatment

You need treatment if you’ve considered purchasing Demerol from a street dealer.

Most people use these methods to get high faster or have a more intense high. Usually when you are doing these things to get high off Demerol, addiction treatment is a good idea. According to the National Library of Medicine, altering the pills like this often leads to overdose.

You have Overdosed on Demerol

Overdosing on a drug is a sure sign of addiction. When you overdose, you will most likely have to go through a Demerol detox. After you detox, it is important to find the right treatment for your Demerol addiction so you do not relapse and overdose again.

Once you have gone through detox, your tolerance changes. If you choose to go back to using Demerol, your body might not tolerate as much as you took previously. This can lead to overdose if you are not very careful.

You have Considered Using Heroin When you Cannot get Demerol

According to the New York Times, Demerol and other opioid prescription medications sometimes operate as a gateway to heroin. Street heroin might be cheaper but it:

  • Is more dangerous
  • Will cause more problems
  • Will get you arrested if you are caught with it
  • Exposes you to the risk of HIV and other secondary infections
  • Exposes you to impurities that are mixed with the heroin

If you find yourself considering street heroin as a cheaper alternative to Demerol it is definitely time to get treatment.

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Finding the Demerol Addiction Treatment you Need

If any of these signs fit you, it is definitely time for Demerol addition treatment. To find a comprehensive treatment program that can help you, call 844-431-5818(Who Answers?) .

the Take-Away

If you experience any of these warning signs of a Demerol abuse problem, seeking addiction treatment should be your next step.