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Much like its predecessor, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous – a 12-Step program for recovering narcotics addicts – offers a source of long-term support for people recovering from narcotics addictions. Within the addictions field, the traditional 12-Step program approach has a long-standing history as an effective treatment model.

With the new communication modes made available through the Internet, Narcotics Anonymous has expanded its outreach efforts through online support meeting access. Though not intended as a replacement for the traditional, face-to-face meeting approach, online meetings offer an alternative option for people unable to attend traditional meetings. Online meetings can also provide a supplemental support option for times when a person cannot make it to a local Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous Online Meetings

Online NA meetings can help you recover from narcotics addiction!

First established in 1953, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) has grown into a global organization with a community-based structure. NA meetings take place in local churches, meeting halls and community agencies in most every town and city across the United States. As of 2010, Narcotics Anonymous hosts over 61,000 meetings a week in 129 countries across the world.

In addition to the group meetings, members follow a 12-Step program that enables them to work through the issues that drive addiction behaviors in their everyday lives. Members benefit from the peer-to-peer support network Narcotics Anonymous provides where members can share their experiences while helping one another maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

Narcotics Anonymous’ long-standing history has remained the subject of many research studies in an ongoing effort to design more effective drug treatment approaches. One such study appearing on the U.S. National Library of Medicine site shows a definite correlation between long-term Narcotics Anonymous meeting attendance and the likelihood of maintaining long-term abstinence from drug use. According to the study, people who regularly attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings and actively worked the 12-Step program were 4.1 to 8.6 times more likely to maintain abstinence on a long-term basis.

Online Meetings

Through the magic that is the Internet, Narcotics Anonymous online meetings take place using chat applications, forum resources as well as other available online communication methods. Members can log on from any location and engage in discussions in much the same way any local community meeting is held.

People who travel on a frequent basis may not be able to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings on a regular basis. People physically unable to attend traditional face-to-face meetings may also miss out on needed recovery supports. As regular attendance at these meetings plays a vital role in helping addicts remain drug-free, online meetings offer a way to help recovering addicts stay connected and engaged in the recovery process.

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Online Meetings Procedure

As with local Narcotics Anonymous meetings, membership to online groups is free of charge. Online groups also have no organizational, political, medical or religious affiliations outside of Narcotics Anonymous.

Meetings are led by a designated chairperson who moderates discussions. As different groups may follow different procedures (just like the community-based meetings do), chairperson’s may also introduce the topic of discussion or leave discussion topics open to the floor.

Conversations take place through microphones, speakers and typed-in text messages so anyone with computer access can participate in discussions. As always, strict anonymity rules also apply for online Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

the Take-Away

If you have a busy schedule and have a hard time getting places, Narcotics Anonymous online meetings could be a great option for your continued recovery.