How NA Meetings Saved my Life and Helped me Get OFF Heroin for Good

I used to be a heroin addict.

However, now I am a normal, functioning member of society. All thanks to the help of NA.

You, too, can get the help you need from NA. Simply call 800-934-1582(Who Answers?) to find the group that meets closest to you.

Gave Me The Support and the Sponsor I Needed

Before I went to my first NA meeting, I felt completely and utterly alone. I didn’t think anyone in the world could understand how I was suffering.

Going to NA for the first time changed all of that.

I immediately realized that there were others out there who suffering, just like me. Even better, there were others like me who had suffered, but who had gotten better.

It made me want to be like them.

Don’t wait Until It’s Too Late.

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Research has shown that group meetings have a tremendous effects on emotional health. They enable participants to form deep bonds with other members as well as receive acceptance and feedback.

I definitely got a boost in my emotional help, especially when I found a sponsor that was right for me. She was able to understand how I felt because she had gone through the same heroin addiction that I had.

Opened My Eyes to a Higher Power

Get OFF Heroin for Good

Believing in a higher power is essential to recovery.

Confession time – I’ve never been particularly religious. My parents tried taking me to church when I was a kid, but I often rebelled and caused a scene.

So it was kind of difficult getting into the idea of a higher power at NA. While the organization itself doesn’t identify with any religion, sect, or domination, there are obviously spiritual overtones to the steps.

However, the idea of simply relinquishing control of my life to a caring and powerful being made things so much easier. No longer did I have to bear the crushing weight of my addiction alone.

I had help from a spiritual force stronger than I could imagine.

Admittedly, I still can’t say I believe in God, at least in a Christian sense. However, thanks to NA, I do believe there is some kind of higher power out there that has helped and continues to help me through all of this.

Provided Me Opportunities to Give Back

Studies have shown that helping others actually offers a person both psychological and physical benefits.

As a heroin addict, I wasn’t getting any of these benefits. I was entirely self-centered. Days went by without me considering a single person’s feelings or thoughts.

However, NA changed that. They help show me that there were ways I could give back to others.

After attending meetings for a while, I decided to become a sponsor to try and help others who were in my position.

This gave me purpose and meaning. While I was on drugs, I felt useless and worthless. However, through NA, I was able to feel like there was a point to life again.

I realized that I could use my experiences to help others become free from the clutches of drugs.

Do I still struggle with cravings? Do I still have a fear of relapsing? Of course I do. Every former drug addict does.

However, thanks to the teachings and support of NA, I feel confident that I will never go back to a life of heroin.

If you’d like to feel the same way, just call 800-934-1582(Who Answers?) to get started with a NA group near you.


the Take-Away

The following story shows how NA can help opiate addicts quit using drugs and maintain sobriety long term.