Codeine Addiction Treatment Options: Choosing the Program That’s Best for You

Opiate addictions take many forms, from the overwhelming effects of heroin to the mild, but gradual pull of codeine. While opiate drugs may differ in potency, the risk of abuse and addiction remains.

Codeine drugs exist in pill form as well as in over-the-counter cough medicines. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, even codeine-based cough medicine products contain the types of mind-altering effects that place users at risk of addiction.

Once addiction takes hold, the need for codeine addiction treatment help is no less urgent than an out-of-control heroin addiction considering how these conditions tend to grow worse with time. Choosing the right codeine addiction treatment program for you will go a long way towards ensuring a successful recovery outcome.

Codeine Addiction Effects

The effects of codeine addiction are no different than the effects of any other form of opiate addiction. Codeine abuse changes the way the brain works over time, reconfiguring brain chemical pathways and creating widespread chemical imbalance.

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According to the Journal of Addiction Science & Clinical Practice, once codeine addiction takes hold, the brain has been reprogrammed in a sense, to the point where getting and using the drug becomes the primary motivation in a person’s life. This development accounts for the destructive choices and compulsive drug-using behaviors that addiction breeds.

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Codeine Addiction Treatment Options

Codeine Addiction Treatment

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Stopping codeine abuse practices becomes the biggest obstacle to overcoming an addiction problem. Overwhelming drug cravings and severe withdrawal episodes make it all but impossible to maintain abstinence on a continual basis.

For these reasons, codeine addiction treatment always starts with a detoxification period. Detoxification treatment provides medication therapies and emotional supports that work to help a person break the body’s physical dependence on codeine’s effects.

Residential Treatment

If you’ve abused codeine for months or years at a time, the next step in the treatment process should be a residential treatment program. Residential programs offer much needed behavior-based treatments, all of which are designed to help you replace the addiction mindset with habits and behaviors that promote drug-free living. Residential programs also provide needed structure, which is something that a person can apply within his or her daily life when he or she returns home.

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Outpatient Treatment

People who enter codeine addiction treatment at the early stages of drug use may still be able to hold a down a job and carry out daily responsibilities. Under these conditions, an outpatient codeine addiction treatment program may be enough to get a person back on the right track.

Outpatient programs offer the same types of services as residential programs without requiring patients to live at the facility for the duration of the program. In this respect, a person can schedule treatment sessions around his or her existing schedule.


Choosing the right type of treatment program is critical to your success in recovery. Ensuring the program you choose provides the level of support needed to stay drug-free on a day-to-day basis will best prepare you for the ups and downs of the recovery process.

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the Take-Away

The right codeine addiction treatment program for you is dependent on your addiction severity, health status, and personal preferences.