15 Drugs that are More Dangerous than you Think

Since the antidrug campaigns of the 1970s and 1980s, we all know that drugs are dangerous but some drugs are more dangerous than others. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are a variety of drugs that are extremely dangerous to the mind and body. These drugs range from household chemicals to prescription and hardcore illegal drugs. Some of these drugs are more dangerous than you think.

1. Benzodiazepines

More Dangerous

Many prescription drugs can be dangerous if misused.

Although these drugs are usually prescription, they are highly addictive and devastating to try and stop using. They are one of the few drugs that withdrawal will kill you.

2. Methamphetamine

As hardcore drugs go, this is one of the most dangerous. It causes the metabolism to become so jacked up that your body literally begins to eat itself.

3. Synthetic Psychedelics

Synthetic psychedelics are often billed as safe alternatives to illegal psychedelics. They are not safe, actually they are more dangerous and deadly than the majority of illegal psychedelics.

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4. Heroin

Everyone knows that heroin is dangerous but not many people realize that if using it doesn’t kill you the secondary infections such as HIV will.

5. Prescription Painkillers

Another drug that doctors prescribe with potential dangers are painkillers. The majority of these are highly addictive and are essentially a gateway drug to heroin use when a doctor stops them suddenly.

6. Alcohol

Alcohol is dangerous because most people think that it is safe because it is legal and because you are likely to do dangerous things while you are on it. Alcohol accounts for many of the drug related deaths around the world.

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7. Steroids

Even though people have warned against steroid use for a long time, people still do not understand the short and long term damage that they do. They can be devastating on the bodies systems.

8. Over the Counter Cough and Cold Medicines

Cough and cold medicines are still medicines regardless of the fact that they are sold over the counter. Taking too much of it is still dangerous. Many cough and cold medicines are also very addictive.

9. Synthetic Cathinones

Synthetic cathinones or synthetic marijuana is a relatively new drug, since the legalization of marijuana. Unfortunately, it does not act like marijuana in the system. When you use them you risk psychosis and insanity.

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10. Ketamine

Ketamine although not widely available is extremely hard on the body. It causes urinary cystitis which is both extremely painful and damaging.

11. Inhalants

Inhalants such as aerosols and sprays can burn the lungs and scar respiratory surfaces. These inhalants can kill you if you inhale the wrong substance.

12. Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine produces an effect called chasing the high. You use more and more of the drug in order to find the high that you got the first time you use it.

13. Prescription Stimulants

ADHD medication and prescription stimulants can cause psychosis when they are not taken properly. Even though these are prescriptions given to children, they are still dangerous.

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14. Legal Narcotics

Legal narcotics or designer drugs are drugs that are technically legal only because the formula hasn’t been made illegal yet. Many of these drugs produce a variety of effects including psychosis and death.

15. Tobacco

Tobacco is one of the most dangerous addictive drugs because it seems so innocuous and is an extremely slow killer.

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the Take-Away

You may be aware that certain drugs can be dangerous, but do you know just how dangerous they are? Both illegal and legal drugs can be habit-forming and lead to health problems, addiction, and even fatal overdose.