10 Frequently Asked Questions About Narcotics Addiction Treatment

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, people have many questions when it comes to drug addiction and the more they know, the more they are able to protect themselves against the dangers of drug abuse.

1. Do I Need Addiction Treatment?

About Narcotics Addiction Treatment

If you’re wondering whether you need narcotics addiction treatment, it is likely that you do.

Only you can tell whether you need drug addiction treatment or not. You are the best person to decide but if you are asking this question chances are you already recognize there is a problem.

2. Is Addiction a Disease or a Moral Failing?

Drug addiction is a disease not a moral failing. People who are addicted have a problem with their brain chemistry rather than a problem with their morals or will power.

3. Are All Narcotics Illegal?

No, many narcotics are legal. Most legal narcotics are available by prescription through legitimate doctors.

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4. Why Does Someone Addicted to Drugs Keep Using Drugs?

When someone is addicted to drugs, their bodies start to change to accommodate the drugs. Once this change starts to happen, the individual almost needs the drugs just to function near normal.

5. How Effective is Addiction Treatment for a Narcotics Addiction?

Addiction treatment is extremely effective when you follow the principles of addiction treatment. Many people who are treated for a narcotics addiction find that the treatment works as long as they work at it. No treatment works without effort on the part of the addict. If the right addiction treatment is used then there is a really good chance that it will work. If it does not all you have to do is find the right type of treatment for you.

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47,300* People Addicted
23,100* Getting Help
8,209* Deaths
*Statistic from 2015

6. Can Families Participate in Drug Addiction Treatment?

Yes families can participate in drug addiction treatment. As a matter of fact it is very helpful to the person being treated when their family participates. It adds to the support structure that the addiction treatment provides.

7. What is the Difference between being Dependent on a Narcotic and being Addicted?

When you need a drug for medical purposes you are said to be dependent on the drug. When you begin to take more than the recommended amount of the drug, take it recreationally, or when it starts interfering with your life you are addicted.

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8. What Part Do Alternative Treatments Play in Addiction Treatment?

Alternative treatments can help to support overall addiction treatment. Most people use alternative treatments to supplement their standard addiction treatment. Many alternative methods have been used for thousands of years.

9. What helps Someone Stay in Narcotic Addiction Treatment?

The things that can help someone stick with their narcotic addiction treatment depends on who they are. Everyone finds that they have their own reasons for being in treatment and for stopping drugs. Each individual has to find their own way of motivating themselves.

10. Where can I Find Narcotics Addiction Treatment?

You can find narcotics addiction treatment by simply calling us at 800-934-1582(Who Answers?) . We can help you seek out the treatment you need to stop your narcotics addiction.

the Take-Away

Knowing the answers to common questions about narcotics addiction treatment can help you feel more confident about putting yourself or a loved one into a rehab program.