Hallucinogens Street Names

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Hallucinogens are a parent term used to describe an array of different dissociative drugs such as LSD, PCP, Psilocybin and Salvia Divinorum. Each of these hallucinogens has street names that are often used to openly talk about them between users. These hallucinogens street names make up just some of the terminology and lingo that is widely accepted on the streets:

LSD Street Names

Hallucinogens Street Names

Street names are used to hide the sale and use of hallucinogens.

According to the DEA, LSD is commonly referred to on the streets as:

  • Acid
  • Blotter (reference to the paper that the drug is placed on)
  • Mellow Yellow (a reference to the sometimes light yellow tone of the drug)
  • Window Pane ( a reference to the almost foil like paper the drug is sometimes placed on)
  • Dots (reference to the small dose of the drug)

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Ketamine Street Names

Ketamine is a dissociative hallucinogen that is used in veterinary practices. Hallucinogens street names for ketamine include:

  • Special K
  • K
  • Cat Tranquilizers
  • Cat Valium

Salvia Divinorum Street Names

According to the DEA, Salvia Divinorum street names include:

  • Maria Pastora
  • Sally-D
  • Salvia
  • Salv
  • Divine S

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Psilocybin Street Names

Psilocybin is the active ingredient that comes off of one of more than 30 types of mushrooms which will produce hallucinogenic effects. Street names include:

  • Magic Mushrooms
  • Shrooms
  • Mushrooms
  • Fungus among us

PCP Street Names

According to the DEA, the following street names are commonly used to refer to PCP:

  • Angel Dust
  • Embalming Fluid
  • Rocket Fuel
  • Supergrass
  • Killer Weed
  • White Pixie
  • Pixie dust

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the Take-Away

Drugs such as LSD, peyote and PCP are not often called those names by the people who use them. Instead, street names are used to keep hidden the fact that illegal drugs are present.