Stimulants Side Effects

The Different Types of Stimulants

All stimulants have similar effects on a person’s brain, but they do have some differences when interacting with a user’s body.

Cocaine, Crack and Amphetamines

Cocaine is a popular party drug that is typically snorted in powder form, whereas crack is crystalized cocaine that is smoked. Amphetamine is more powerful than crack and cocaine and can be injected, snorted, or taken in oral form. According to the Center for Substance Abuse Research, the psychological experience from people using cocaine or amphetamines is extremely similar; however the effect of cocaine typically does not last longer than one hour whereas the effects of amphetamines can last for several hours.

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Ecstasy, Molly or MDMA

Ecstasy which is also known as Molly or MDMA is typically a club or party drug that is taken in tablet form. Ecstasy is a stimulant and a hallucinogen that when taken causes a user’s auditory and visual senses to become skewed, as well as their dopamine levels to increase resulting in them feeling happier and empathetic to those around them.

Prescription Stimulants

Prescription stimulants such as Adderall or Ritalin are prescribed to help people with narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. These drugs in proper doses can help a person stay awake and become more alert.

Types of Stimulant’s Side Effects

Stimulants Side Effects

Stimulant abuse can cause a heart attack.

All stimulants cause a person to feel more alert, more energized, more confident and happier, but they also have negative side effects. The first time a person uses a stimulant they could begin to have seizures or have a heart attack due to the increase in their heart rate from the drug and the impact the drug has on their brain.

Stimulants can cause a person to hear and see things that are not real and can cause a person’s vision to become impaired as well as their balance. Stimulants in large doses can cause a person’s blood pressure to increase to the point of them having heart complications or a stroke, which can be fatal.

Some people think that since stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin are legally prescribed that they are safer to take, but when abused these drugs are just as dangerous as illicit stimulants are.

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According to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, prescription stimulants, such as Adderall may cause sudden death in teenagers and children, especially ones who have heart problems or heart defects. In addition, Adderall also may cause cardiac arrest, sudden death, or stroke in adults, especially adults who already have heart defects or heart problems.

Stimulants not only are dangerous to a person both mentally and physically but they are also addictive, which can result in a person continually using the drug causing more and more damage to their body and to their personal life.

the Take-Away

All stimulants affect the dopamine levels in a person’s brain resulting in the individual feeling more energized and alert. However, stimulant drugs have numerous different side effects that can be dangerous to a user.