Putting Your All into Meth Addiction Treatment

Often, people look to meth addict treatment for a cure. They want a pill to take or a doctor’s visit that will make it all better. They are looking for a way to have their meth addiction cured for them, a way to have the work done for them by medicine. However, that isn’t a very effective approach, nor is it reasonable. As with any other endeavor in your life that has mattered, you have to put in the work. Think, for instance of how hard people fight to rid themselves of a disease like cancer or to manage something like hypertension. You have to do just as much to get your meth dependence under control in meth addict treatment.

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Educate Yourself

One way you can make an effort is in educating yourself. The more that you learn what addiction is and what it will take to recover, the more you will be able to contribute effectively to your betterment in meth addiction treatment and beyond. .

It is possible that you aren’t a reader or you feel overwhelmed by the body information and don’t know where to start. You needn’t worry. Meth addiction treatment will include education sessions that are designed to meet you at your level and help you. You just have to put in the work.

Be Honest

On one hand, you need to remain truthful to yourself, so that you can properly manage your feelings and avoid triggering relapse or prompting yourself to leave meth addict treatment. One the other, you also need to be honest with your health care providers. They can’t help you if they don’t know you need help. Push yourself to invite people in for the first time in a long time.

Take Responsibility

A lot of your meth use was probably prompted by your desire to numb your feeling of inadequacy and self-loathing. But, you have to face what you have done to move past it. It will take a lot out of you to face what you have done and accept yourself but you can do it.

Meth Addict Treatment Is Enhanced by Close Relationships; Don’t Try to Do Meth Addiction Treatment on Your Own

It’s totally normal to go alone through your meth addiction. You don’t want to face the people that you love because you know that you are disappointing them and you know that they will try to get you to stop. Your friends become the people you get high with and though that means you spend a lot of time together that doesn’t mean you can count on them or even that you like them very much. You are a lone wolf.

But, that needs to change when you enter meth addict treatment. You need a pack. It is time  for you to make new connections and to reconnect with those you have become distanced from. Your friends you used with can’t help you. The people who facilitated your use can’t help you. But, you can turn to the people that you love for the help that you need.

Peer Support

Most meth addiction treatment programs follow the model Alcoholics Anonymous calls “addicts helping addicts.” This means that you benefit from shared time in support groups and group therapy with other addicts. Meth addict treatment connects you with your peers because they can benefits you in multiple ways. They can:

  • Motivate
  • Encourage
  • Understand
  • Listen
  • Keep you accountable
  • Challenge

Most of all, they can support.


Most meth addicts have strained relationships with their families. This makes total sense and any tension you have with your family is something that other people go through as well. This is why family therapy is a popular component of meth addiction treatment plans. It allows you to work through your issues with the people that you love and establish trust that you can rebuild upon.


No, you can’t keep in touch with people who will give you meth or use them around you, but you probably still have ties to people who want to support you in meth addict treatment. All you have to do is reach out. Not all of them will be in a place that will allow them to pick up where they left off. But, many of them will. Don’t let pride or stubbornness keep you from making the effort to get back to them.

How Can I Go to Meth Addict Treatment Without Losing My Job?  Legal Regulations That Can Keep You Job Safe While You Pursue Meth Addiction Treatment

Many people forgo meth addict treatment because they face barriers. For some people, responsibilities in the home prevent them from being absent for any period of time. For others, a lack of money can keep them from believing they can finance treatment. Still others fear for their jobs. How can they enter an inpatient meth addiction treatment facility that requires them to miss work for a considerable amount of time.

Luckily, there are legal protections in place that can keep your job safe while you reclaim control of your life.

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The Americans with Disabilities Act and Rehabilitation Act

People undergoing treatment have always been protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. But, it is important that you not confuse the way alcoholism is treated with the way meth addiction is treated. Whereas an alcoholic is viewed as disabled and may retain their job if they can perform the essential tasks of the position, meth users are only protected provided they are not currently using meth or any other illicit drugs. If a drug test reveals employees are still using meth, their ADA consideration is removed.

The ADA only provides coverage for local and state governmental units and private employers with more than 15 or more employees. If your job does not fall into this category, you may not be protected. However, if you are covered, they may be fired or refused a position because they are in recovery.

The Family and Medical Leave Act

You may have the right to take medical leave in order to attend inpatient meth addict treatment.  The Federal Family and Medical Leave Act gives you the right to take up to 12 months of unpaid leave over a 12 month period in order to get care for a “serious health condition.” This includes meth addiction. It is, therefore, illegal for your boss to fire you or deny you the leave.

This coverage applies to local, state, and federal government employers, as well as private and public elementary and secondary school employees. Private employers with 50 or more employees are also covered. To be eligible for coverage, you have to have been employed by the employer for 12 or more months and worked at least 1,250 hours.

Try Outpatient Treatment

If you are not eligible for either of these protections, you should consider and outpatient meth abuse treatment center that will let you work around your work schedule. Don’t pass up the meth addict treatment that you need because you are worried about your job. There are ways to make it work.

the Take-Away

Often, people look to meth addict treatment for a cure. They want a pill to take or a doctor’s visit that will make it all better. They are looking for a way to have their meth addiction cured for them, a way to have the work done for them by medicine. However, that isn’t a …