Oxycodone Street Names

Oxycodone, a semisynthetic derivative of opium, has been manufactured in the United States since the late 1930s. As a semisynthetic opium derivative, oxycodone produces effects similar to morphine and codeine.

According to the University of Maryland, oxycodone ingredients go into the making of several opiate drugs, some of which include:

Oxycodone amounts vary from drug to drug with some drugs producing stronger effects than others. Most all oxcodone-derived medications produce slow-acting effects that can relieve pain symptoms for up to four hours or more. Multiple oxycodone street names exist for the most popular types, such as OxyContin and Percodan.

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Oxycodone Street Names

Oxycodone street names are used to disguise the sale and use of this drug.

Oxycodone street names typically reference some aspect of each particular drug, whether it be the effects it produces or the way the drug is used. While most all oxycodone products come in tablet or capsule form, the built-in time-release mechanism prevents users from experiencing the desired “high” effect.

To counteract this mechanism, users rather crush the pill into powder form and snort, chew or inject it as a solution. When used repeatedly, addicts must ingest increasingly larger doses in order to experience the desired effect. This process accounts for the drug’s high addiction potential.

Oxycodone Street Names

The use of oxycodone street names provides addicts with a secret language or code that camouflages their activities. It also creates a sense of culture and/or camaraderie among regular users.

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By far, Oxycontin is the most commonly abused oxycodone drug. Not surprisingly, OxyContin has a litany of oxycodone street names to choose from:

  • Kickers
  • Oxy
  • Oxycottons
  • Blue
  • Hillbilly Heroin
  • Killers

Percodan and Percocet also have their own street names, with “Percs” and “Percodoms” being the most commonly used.

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Oxycodone Access

Considering the strict federal regulations surrounding prescription medications, it’s a wonder how these drugs still make it onto the streets. As with any “business” cycle, where there’s a demand, a supply will follow.

Less than reputable doctors, online pharmacies and “pill mills” or illegally run clinics that actively supply users with prescription drugs offer easy access to oxycodone supplies. Until tighter restrictions are imposed, oxycodone street names and culture that surrounds them will continue to thrive, placing more and more people at risk.

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the Take-Away

Street names are used to hide the truth behind what people who abuse prescription drugs are actually doing.