How do You Deal with People Who Don’t Respect Your Lifestyle Change?

Making a lifestyle change is a huge step in creating a better life and it is exciting! When a loved one or close acquaintance seems dead set against it, it can put quite the dapper on the new happiness.

According to Harvard Health Publications, making a healthy lifestyle change can affect the individual’s risk of disease, as well as overall health and the ability to live independently later in their lives. So how should someone deal with people who do not respect their lifestyle change?

Toxic People to your Lifestyle

Lifestyle Change

Toxic people are controlling and manipulative, which can keep you from making a positive lifestyle change.

The phrase “toxic” is used a lot when someone puts a negative energy into the individual’s life out of disrespect. To some, toxic may mean that the person is difficult, annoying, demanding, or unpleasant but in general, these traits may just be undesirable.

Distance is not a bad idea with people who have these characteristics, but there is no urgent need to rid them from the life.

A toxic person is controlling and manipulative, will disregard boundaries, take but never give, play the victim card, don’t take responsibility and always assume they are right without remorse. These traits may not always be obvious to the individual until he or she take a moment to consider the person. In order to live a happy and healthy life, it is important to remove these people from it.

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Why Remove Them?

It is rare that a toxic person will actually destroy a new lifestyle but they can slow the progress of it by being actively opposed to it. He or she can cause the individual to second-guess themselves on their important life decisions. To do this, he or she may make them feel upset, uncomfortable, and ashamed of the progress they have made for their well-being.

Understandably, toxic people can pass on some of their negative traits to the individual like a contagion. For example, in the work place, if the boss of the individual snaps at him or her, it can cause him or her to be irritable to the workers below or equal with them and so on. To keep the negativity from spreading, it would be a good idea to cut these people out of their lives.

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How to Cut Them Out

It might not easy to cut out a toxic person from the individual’s life but it is crucial to remove them from their life in as healthy and as rational a way as possible. This is not always possible, but there are ways of removing them.

The first thing to do is to accept that it may be a process to get rid of them. If an explanation feels necessary, he or she should do it for himself or herself, not the toxic person. He or she can tell them how they feel in a firm way that lets them know there is not up for debate or keep it simple and simply state that they are not longer welcome.

It may take several tries to get them to go away, but it is imperative that he/she keep their distance as much as possible during the process. If you need suggestions regarding this process call 800-934-1582(Who Answers?) .

Toxic people are usually known for their violent and belligerent behavior when they are riled. The individual should meet with them in public to avoid this from occurring and if things get heated, get up and leave. There is no need to argue with them, and if it comes down to it, he or she should restate their boundaries and make them realize that it is not a debate or negotiation, it is final.

Toxic people can make living a new lifestyle its own personal torment instead of excitement and it is important to know what the traits are. According to the University of Minnesota, lifestyle choices alone can become an essential component in lifting depression and relieving anxiety.

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Toxic people can have the opposite and far more negative effects on the individuals and should be steadfastly removed in order to obtain the new lifestyle. If the individual becomes nervous, he or she can always write a letter to help them decide what to say.

If you want to find counseling for yourself or the toxic person in your life, give us a call at 800-934-1582(Who Answers?) and an associate will help you.

the Take-Away

Getting sober is a big accomplishment and you shouldn’t let anything, or anyone, undermine that. If someone doesn’t respect your lifestyle change, they don’t deserve to be in your life.