Do All Narcotics Cause Addiction?

Narcotics, as they are all opiate drugs that come from the same general source, can all cause addiction. However, one can avoid this issue by not abusing these substances. Once abuse begins, though, addiction treatment will be necessary, so call 844-431-5818(Who Answers?) if you have been abusing narcotics of any kind.

Why Do All Narcotics Cause Addiction?

Narcotics Cause Addiction

A physical dependence develops quickly with narcotic abuse.

According to the National Library of Medicine, “These drugs can be abused and [may become] habit-forming.” This means they can cause addiction, which occurs when an individual no longer has control over the frequency or amount of their drug abuse. Many people who become addicted to narcotics seek out the drug even to their own detriment because they cannot force themselves through willpower alone to stop.

When abused, these drugs actually change the way the brain works, which is why treatment is necessary in order to change it back. A person who abuses any narcotic consistently will soon experience these issues because all opioids––prescription and illicit––cause similar reactions in the brain when taken in high doses.

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Will I Become Addicted to Narcotics?

If you refrain from abusing these drugs, you will not become addicted. Many individuals take prescription narcotics for pain and, by following the advice of their doctors and only taking the amount they are prescribed, they avoid any issues associated with addiction.

However, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, “Besides their medical use, narcotics/opioids produce a general sense of well-being by reducing tension, anxiety, and aggression.” This is why these drugs are abused often, even by those who know abuse is dangerous.

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47,300* People Addicted
23,100* Getting Help
8,209* Deaths
*Statistic from 2015

If you have been taking narcotics as prescribed for a long period of time, chances are you will eventually become physically dependent on these drugs, an issue that requires patients to safely be weaned off the drug. However, those individuals who do abuse these substances also experience issues with cravings, compulsive drug seeking, and other problems that require long-term addiction treatment.

All narcotics can cause this problem and will require addiction treatment if the individual has been abusing them and is experiencing addictive symptoms.

How Do I Find Narcotic Addiction Treatment?

Call 844-431-5818(Who Answers?) today. We will help you find a treatment program that will fit your needs as well as allow you to make the changes you hope to see in your life. Addiction recovery can also assist you in mending relationships with your family members, dealing with legal issues, finding a new job, and solving many other problems consistently associated with drug abuse and addiction. In addition, we will help you determine your payment options and find rehab programs where your insurance is accepted.

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Because all narcotics can cause addiction when abused, it is important to realize how misusing any one of these substances, prescription or illicit, is extremely dangerous and requires professional care. Call now to find a treatment center that will help you begin your recovery from narcotic abuse and avoid the other dangerous consequences associated with misusing these drugs, including severe respiratory depression, coma, painful withdrawal symptoms, and—in some cases—death.

the Take-Away

All narcotics, if used other than prescribed, can cause addiction. Many people start of taking these drugs safely, and then develop a dependence, leading to misuse and eventual addiction.