Will I Ever Reach a Point of “Normal” after Narcotics Addiction?

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Narcotics, they are at the root of the world’s evil for some. They provide much needed treatment and pain relief properties for those who need them, but to those who take them recreationally, they can be life changing—in all the wrong ways.

How do people become addicted to narcotics? And more so, Why?

If you’re a recovering addict, or if you’re thinking about recovery, you’re likely wondering if there is ever even a chance to be “normal” again?

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How Did Addiction Happen?

For most, addiction isn’t something that occurs overnight—and it’s not something they “plan” to occur. It just happens—or does it?

The truth is, addiction doesn’t just happen, but it does occur and it occurs frequently. For most, it’s the result of taking a few too many prescription painkillers or seeking an alternative to the everyday struggles of “coping” with anxiety and stress of everyday life without drugs.

No matter how addiction happens, the end result is much the same—you’re broken, you’re battered, you’re bruised and you wonder if you can ever get back up.

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So What Happens AFTER Addiction?

If you’re lucky enough to get through addiction and come out on the other side, give thanks—for there are thousands each year who die from this disease.

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After addiction, for the estimated 12% of those who actually get treatment and find their way to recovery, life can be much different. You may beg the question, “Can I ever be normal again?”

While the simple answer is yes, there’s so much more to it than that.

HOW Can I Feel Normal?

after Narcotics Addiction

Exercise can help you recover both physically and mentally.

Physically, you should already begin to feel some balance once you quit using narcotics. In time, you will notice that you feel better and better. Psychologically, waiting for a sense of “normal” following a long, or short-term addiction to narcotics could feel more like an eternity.

Psychological healing takes MUCH more time than physical healing generally does following an addiction. This is because there are deep-rooted changes in the way you have lived life as a result of addiction and reversing those changes, and training your psyche to recognize the reversal can take quite a bit of time.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Enjoy life – take part in outdoor activities, participate with friends and family, and do your best to find something positive in every day.
  • Seek interaction – socialize, be part of a group, and don’t be afraid to take part in a support group such as NA or a similar program.
  • Exercise – the positivity of exercise isn’t seen only in physical well-being. Endorphins and the “runners high” can help boost your mood too!
  • Exercise the Senses – Sight, touch, sound, and smell are all important. Listen to music, get a massage, light an aromatic candle or take a bath—enjoy what you have.

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If you’re feeling down and out, like you can’t possibly find a sense of “normal” now that you’re in recovery from narcotics addiction, call our helpline toll-free at 800-407-7195(Who Answers?) . Our helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you in finding and securing the best possible treatment for your needs.

Not another day needs to go by with you feeling as if you can’t make it or won’t. Don’t give up hope—call our helpline for support to boost your hope and improve your chances of a full, lasting, healthy recovery from addiction to narcotics. You won’t be disappointed that you called—you’ll be relieved that you finally found the help that you need for lasting sobriety.

the Take-Away

Know what to expect when recovering from narcotics addiction and how to succeed in living a sober life.