5 Reasons Oxycodone Recreational Use is a Bad Idea

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Oxycodone is a narcotic pain medication prescribed for various pains from injuries or illness. It is a benefit to people everyday who suffer from chronic pain from an old injury, who are recovering from surgical procedures and dental surgery, or who suffer from nerve damage and pain from other illnesses like cancer and AIDS. Without it their quality of life would be greatly diminished.

Oxycodone is an opiate. Opiates work by effecting the parts of the brain that control pleasure and pain. The chemicals are similar to other chemicals that are naturally found in the brain like dopamine and endorphins. It is very effective in controlling pain when used as prescribed. However, because it can effect the way the user feels, it has a potential to be abused.

Using Oxycodone for fun or to get high can lead to big problems down the road and leave you wishing you had never even tried the medication. Here are 5 reasons it is a bad idea to take Oxycodone just for fun.

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5 Reasons Taking Oxycodone for Recreational Use is a Bad Idea

1. Abuse of Oxycodone can lead to tolerance.

Oxycodone Recreational Use

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When Oxycodone is taken when it is not prescribed for pain it can lead to the body developing a tolerance to the drug. The brain requires more and more of the drug when this happens causing an even greater chance of dependency. Oxycodone is a narcotic and has the potential of being addictive if abused. You are much more likely to become addicted to a drug that is not used for it’s intended purpose.

2. According to NIDA, “taking some stimulants in high doses or repeatedly can lead to hostility or feelings of paranoia.”

Oxycodone taken in high doses can have negative health effects and can cause heart problems, liver failure and respiratory distress and can even cause an overdose which can lead to death.

3. When someone abuses Oxycodone and then tries to stop, they might suffer from terrible withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms can be extremely painful and even include intense psychological distress such as hallucinations and can cause seizures.

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4. To get help for an addiction to Oxycodone or other opiates you will probably find it necessary to get professional treatment from a drug rehabilitation center.

Not only can this be expensive, it can cost you valuable time out of your life away from your family and even your job while you recover. You might have to live away from your family and take a leave of absence from your job.

5. Addiction cannot be cured.

If you find yourself suffering an addiction to Oxycodone or other drugs it is important to understand that while you can reach a place of healing, you will always be a recovering addict even if you never use drugs again. You will also be in recovery.

Addiction impacts every part of your life and the lives of your loved ones as well. It wrecks marriages, leaves children without their parents and can even lead to your kids having problems with addiction when they grow up. Kids learn what they see. Avoiding an addiction is the best preventative.

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the Take-Away

Using oxycodone in any way other than as prescribed is very dangerous. Oxycodone is a powerful opiate painkiller, and its side effects lead to addiction and other consequences.