Narcotic Overdose Treatment

No matter what type of drug you are taking, if you cross the line the chance of an overdose is very real. In the event that this happens, serious illness or death can be the end result.

Since overdose is so serious, it is important to receive the appropriate treatment if you find yourself in this position. With the right medical team assisting you, it is possible to get through your overdose with hopes of avoiding drugs altogether in the future. In other words, this is often times the scary wakeup call that somebody needs in order to get his or her life back on track.

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Type of Treatment

Narcotic Overdose

Call 911 or seek hospital care immediately if you witness an overdose.

The type of treatment is based largely on the specific drug that leads to the overdose. Any information regarding the type of drug, when it was taken, and how much was consumed can help when deciding on a treatment schedule.

Here are some of the treatments that have been proven effective:

  • Stomach pumping can remove unabsorbed drugs from the stomach.
  • Activated charcoal may be administered to improve the chance of drugs remaining in the intestines and stomach. As a result, this reduces the amount of drugs in the blood. From there, the drugs attached to the charcoal are discharged in the stool.
  • Sedating medication is used in the event that a patient is acting violently towards medical staff. This will keep the person subdued until the drug wears off and they realize what is going on.
  • Depending on the type of drug that was taken, medication may be administered to reverse the effects and to help prevent additional harm.

Immediate Care is a Must

Nobody takes a drug with the thought that they are going to overdose, however, this is more common than many believe.

If an overdose occurs, the person should contact authorities right away (if he or she is able to do so). In the event that you are in the presence of somebody who has overdosed, it is your responsibility to call 911 or take him or her to the hospital without delay. The longer you wait the better chance there is of the person becoming extremely ill, or worse.

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The best treatment for narcotic overdose is to avoid taking the substance in the first place. If you or somebody else ends up in this position, there is help to be had. The best help will come from an experienced medical staff, so it is essential to get assistance without delay.

If you or someone you love is at risk of narcotic overdose, call  844-431-5818(Who Answers?) now to seek needed treatment help. 

the Take-Away

Narcotics are dangerous drugs, and they are very easy to overdose on. Overdosing on narcotics often leads to death, and treatment needs to be found right away to prevent that.