Do Treatment Centers Provide Narcotics Anonymous Meetings?

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Choosing the right treatment center for you is hard, especially if you are looking for specific characteristics. One thing that many people look for is a 12-step program, like Narcotics Anonymous. This is because the program has been proven time and time again to lead to better rates of long-term recovery.

However, do most treatment centers even have Narcotics Anonymous meetings? Certainly, some do. The best way to figure it out is to research the specific treatment center you have in mind.

Treatment Centers Use Narcotics Anonymous

Most treatment centers do encourage addicts to utilize all therapies available to them. This includes Narcotics Anonymous.

One study done between 1989 and 1997 found that 12-step facilitation was much more effective at helping addicts achieve total abstinence rather than simply limiting drug use.

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Because of the program’s success, many treatment centers combine this technique with their own detox and medical services in order to provide holistic care for addicts.

In these Narcotics Anonymous meetings, you will meet with other patients at the center and talk about your former drug use in an effort to overcome any obstacles in your path.

Want to find a treatment center that uses Narcotics Anonymous as a primary tool in the recovery process? Just give us a call at 800-407-7195(Who Answers?) . We can search centers in your area to find one just for you.

Treatment Centers Encourage Participation in Community Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Most treatment centers encourage patients to attend community meetings.

Not every treatment center has the resources to run its own Narcotics Anonymous meetings. This might be because some people don’t want to participate or because the center has its own method of therapeutic support.

However, that doesn’t mean they discourage attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Instead, many programs invite participants to go to meetings in the community.

This helps addicts meet people who might be further along in the recovery process than them. This can be more inspiring than simply hearing the same tales over and over again of the addicts you spend your days with.

Additionally, community meetings allow addicts to have a bigger support base. Not only will they be getting help from the treatment center, but they’ll also have a separate group of people to rely on.

Treatment Centers Might Use Their Own Program

Instead of offering legitimate Narcotics Anonymous meetings, many treatment centers simply put their own spin on the philosophy of the program.

This means that they might use a 12-step program or other group-based model that is tailored to their facility instead the official Narcotics Anonymous organization. It all depends on what kind of treatment center it is.

For example, in a youth treatment center, programming needs to focus more on family components. Therefore, a center might use the 12-step program, but base it on family values instead of belief in a higher power.

As an alternative, they might use cognitive-behavioral therapy, contingency management, or motivational enhancement therapy.

At the end of the day, while most treatment centers do offer some form of Narcotics Anonymous, it’s always best to check before committing to one.

If you’d like help determining which treatment centers in your specific area utilize the Narcotics Anonymous approach, please call us at 800-407-7195(Who Answers?) . We can work with you to find the perfect treatment center to meet your needs.


the Take-Away

Although not all treatment centers provide NA meetings, most encourage attendance in the community or offer alternative support options.