Can Narcotic Addiction Treatment Help Me Find a Job?

Yes, many narcotic addiction treatment programs can help you find a job as well as assist you in preparing a resume, participating in interviews, and generally working on your hirability. Call 800-934-1582(Who Answers?) today if you would like to find a treatment center that offers these options in addition to other treatments that are beneficial to opioid addicts.

Methadone Maintenance Treatment––And Other Opioid Addiction Rehab Options

Find a Job

Certain rehab programs provide employment assistance to patients.

Methadone maintenance treatment (or MMT) is a program that dispenses methadone to patients in a safe, controlled environment where the individual can also get access to medical care pertaining to their drug abuse.

According to the National Institute of Justice, “In addition to administering medication, MMT also involves providing patients with comprehensive rehabilitation services.” These additional services can often include vocational counseling and job help for those individuals who need it.

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Inpatient MMT programs are often more likely to provide this kind of help on-site to patients, but outpatient centers may do so by referring patients to another facility. While other rehab centers and programs that focus specifically on narcotic addiction treatment may also provide this type of care to patients, it is more you will find direct, on-site help in residential centers.

Because treatment is meant to be inclusive and to cater to all the needs of the individual patient (even those not pertaining to their drug abuse), it is important for you to seek out a rehab program that does offer help in finding a job.

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What Job Help Options Do Rehab Centers Provide?

Different programs may provide different means of help to patients looking for jobs. For example, an individual who requires coaching in order to find the right job for their current state as well as their skill level will often receive counseling sessions to more easily find the right option for their needs.

Resume building classes are also often offered in many inpatient rehab centers for those who need help explaining gaps in their employment or just require assistance building an effective resume in general.

Another option many residential rehab centers utilize is a work program that helps individuals transition into a job as part of their aftercare. All of these options can be incredibly helpful in allowing you to find a job that fits your needs either during or after your leave rehab.

Can I Find a Job Through My Treatment Program?

Recovery support services, as stated by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, is meant to be meet all the needs associated with a particular addict, and inpatient centers are very likely to have this option on site. While outpatient centers often refer patients to other programs to find vocational guidance, these programs do not usually provide as many options as inpatient treatment centers do.

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You can find a job through treatment if this is something you require and depending on the treatment program you choose. We can help you find a rehab center that offers vocational assistance as well as the treatment options you need to overcome opioid addiction. For more information, and to speak to a recovery expert, call 800-934-1582(Who Answers?) now.

the Take-Away

Depending on the program you choose, a narcotic addiction treatment facility can provide training and help you find a job.