10 Signs Someone you Know is Addicted to Drugs

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Many people know the obvious signs of drug use, but many signs are very easy to miss. Generally, the following signs may become evident if someone you know is abusing or addicted to drugs:

1. Unusual Sleep Patterns

People who are addicted to drugs generally have odd sleep patterns. They might sleep constantly or be up at odd times. They might have insomnia or chronic fatigue. Sleep and wake cycles tend to be a bit off when people are using or coming down from using.

2. Privacy Issues

A person suddenly developing privacy issues either has something to hide. Although some people just naturally enjoy their privacy, the key here is suddenly developing privacy issues. People who are hiding their drug use, are just that hiding.

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3. Changes in Attitudes about Drugs, Crime, or other Illegal Activities

When someone is using drugs, they might suddenly change their attitudes about drugs. This can be a positive change or a negative one. They might decide that drug use is not entirely bad and make a good case as to why it is not. They might decide that drugs are completely evil and that there is no way they would ever use drugs.

4. Changes in Appearance

This is one of the number one signs of drug use. When someone’s weight or appearance changes drastically and suddenly usually there is something going on. Appearance changes can include:

There are many others but the change is always relatively sudden and sometimes very drastic.

5. Changes in Friends

Addicted to Drugs

Hanging out with different people, or other drug users, may indicate an addiction.

Although some friendship changes are not particularly unusual, some of them are drastic. The key to this sign is that the abandoned friend has no idea why the user stopped being friends with them. The drug addict might change friends by just changing the crowd that they hang out with suddenly.

6. Changes in Mood

Changes in mood usually occur when the addict cannot get drugs. They might be going into withdrawal or may be particularly happy when they are high. These changes are rapid and usually from sullen to giddy or from normal to aggressive and argumentative.

7. Changes in Finances

Two types of changes end in drug use. The first is having a job that pays well but the bills still are not getting paid. The second is they have a lot of money suddenly with no discernable job. The first is an indication of using, the second an indication of drug dealing.

8. Changes in Behavior

These changes might be something simple like being open or talkative. They might just act different, something you cannot put your finger on. Either way the change is noticeable.

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9. They Start Neglecting their Responsibilities

This could be with work, school, or around the house. They suddenly stop doing what they should. When someone is a drug user, their life becomes all about the drug. They spend most of their life trying to acquire the drug or use the drug.

10. They Stop Going to Family Functions or Occasions

When an addict is actively using they will not want to be around people who might notice. They avoid family gatherings or holidays in order to use the drug. Most will start to completely avoid family and friends all together as the addiction strengthens.

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Learn the top ten signs of drug addiction so you can help your loved one seek the necessary treatment.