Where to Find Help for Drug Addicted Nurses

The issue of nurses abusing and becoming addicted to drugs is a very pressing one. When nurses experience a serious addiction syndrome, they are not only incapable of caring for their patients safely and effectively, but they also cannot take care of themselves. Fortunately, there are a number of different resources for nurses addicted to drugs and ways in which they can receive the treatment they need.

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Statewide Peer Assistance for Nurses (SPAN)

Drug Addicted Nurses

Treatment for nurses often consists of counseling and therapy among other treatments.

A program called SPAN is one of the best in terms of helping individuals in this profession through a difficult time. The program pairs struggling nurses with one of their peers who is able help them get back on track. According to the New York State Nurses Association, “Underlying every aspect of the SPAN program is the belief that every nurse deserves access to treatment, help in preserving his or her license and employment status, and ongoing support throughout the recovery process.”

This program allows nurses to work through their issues of substance abuse safely and with the help of another nurse who can often understand much more of what the individual is going through. Each state has its own type of SPAN program, so it is important to check with your State Nurses Association about how to get in contact with yours.

Support Groups

A medical professional who has been abusing drugs may also decide to attend a support group that is specific to these issues in order o talk to others who have struggled with the same problems. In the same way that support groups are often helpful for other addicted individuals, nurses who attend them can discuss their situation with other health care workers and be able to talk about how their drug abuse compromised their vocation, their financial situation, and their entire life. Opening up in this way makes it much easier for addicts to face their addictions head on.

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Individualized Drug Counseling

Speaking to a counselor could be extremely beneficial to a nurse who has been abusing medications or other mind-altering substances. Individualized drug counseling allows someone to receive personalized care and to delve into other possible issues for which they may be using these drugs to cope.

For example, many nurses become depressed after working with terminal patients while others experience extreme frustration or exhaustion from having such a difficult job. Therefore, individualized counseling could help many individuals in this position get to the root of their problem and also help treat other emotional issues or even mental disorders that may be co-occurring along with their addictions.

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Getting Clean and Staying Employed

Nurses deserve to have the same options as anyone else after receiving treatment and recovering from drug abuse. They should also be able to return to their work once their ready and keep their licenses so that they may continue to practice after they have reached a more stable state. If you receive treatment in one of the ways listed above, it can be beneficial to you and allow you to recover without losing everything you’ve worked for in order to become a nurse.

the Take-Away

Treatment for addiction is similar for all people, including nurses. Nurses can benefit from medication, therapy, support groups, and holistic addiction treatment.