6 Reasons Why You Need Inpatient Care for Narcotic Abuse

Opioid abuse and addiction causes many issues in the life of the addict and their loved ones. In order to receive the most beneficial treatment program possible, you should attend inpatient care for your recovery needs. Call 844-431-5818(Who Answers?) to find the best residential rehab options for your particular situation.

1. Opioids Are Widely Available

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The wide availability of opioids makes it difficult to quit on your own.

According to Harvard Medical School, “Opiates are outranked only by alcohol as humanity’s oldest, most widespread, and most persistent drug problem.” Part of the reason for this is because these drugs are widely available and always have been. Attending inpatient care for narcotic abuse can ensure that you will not be tempted to relapse, as the drug will not be as readily available to you in this controlled environment.

2. Withdrawal Can Be Severe

Many people believe that, because narcotic withdrawal does not cause deadly side effects, it is not dangerous and that detox can be performed at home. Actually, those who do have a high risk of returning to drug abuse because they cannot handle the severe flu-like and painful symptoms caused by the withdrawal syndrome. It is much safer to attend residential detox and then to transition into addiction rehab.

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3. Opioid Abuse Can Be Deadly

The National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens states, “Taking just one large dose [of these drugs] could cause serious breathing problems that lead to death.” Many people who first enter addiction treatment are in an overdose situation and will require intensive, 24-hour care to ensure this does not happen.

Even if you have not experienced this issue when entering treatment, relapse is much more likely to lead to deadly overdose during or after withdrawal, so it is better to be in a safe, controlled environment at this time.

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4. More Treatment Options Are Available

Inpatient rehab centers are known for providing more treatment options to patients. These facilities have more resources than outpatient centers, and it can be helpful to attend a well-rounded treatment program with more options when in need of narcotic abuse rehab.

5. Inpatient Care Is Better for Co-occurring Disorders

There is a strong possibility that, as a narcotic abuser, you could also be suffering from another co-occurring mental disorder. If this is so, residential care will be a much safer option for you, providing you with intensive medical care that will be able to treat both your disorders simultaneously, a necessity in this case. If you have not been checked for any co-occurring mental disorders, see your doctor right away.

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6. It Will Keep Your Recovery On Track

Inpatient treatment is the most intensive option for addiction rehab, and it is usually much safer and more effective to start out with this method. You can learn to control your substance abuse and the symptoms of your disorder in this program before moving on to outpatient care or another, less rigorous method. This is perhaps the safest way to recover from narcotic abuse.

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the Take-Away

Inpatient care has been proven most effective at treating narcotic abuse and preventing future relapse.